The Next Wave: A New Kind of Publishing

Michael Bunker takes us into Apocalypse Weird and a new wave of publishing!

The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience on AISFP

Carl V. Anderson is running a community read of all things Sci-Fi, called The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience. Wait, that isn’t just a month, that’s 2015… oh boy, that’s going to be huge. The reading marathon starts Dec. 1, 2014 and goes through Dec. 31, 2015. I’ll update this post with links to book reviews or […]

Tim Ward’s Top 5 SF Reads of 2013

Here’s my Top 10 from 2012, and for 2013, I’m cutting it to a top 5. I’m not one of those 100+ books a year readers. I only read like 35 books last year, but I only finish about one in ten that I start, some going as far as sixty seventy percent before putting […]

Dystopian Horror

We’re still in the Coffin Hop tour for now, until the 31st, but I signed up for this other blog tour, Dystopia Reading Challenge 2013, and needed to get a post up. I thought it would be fun to share this reading challenege with my fellow Coffin Hoppers as well as to use it to open up […]