AISFP 293 – Hugo Awards finalist, remembering Terry Pratchett

Brent Bowen and Kristi Charish discuss being named a Hugo Awards finalist as well as the political clash of clans before the finalists were announced. They also remember Terry Pratchett and share their thoughts on his work and life.

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In our Hugo Awards finalist episode:

Hugo Award

AISFP is a 2015 Hugo Awards finalist.

Brent and Kristi have been covering the Sad Puppies and Hugo Awards debate (also visit the hosting convention site — 2015: Sasquan) over the past month, featuring interviews:

AISFP 289 — Sad Puppies with Larry Correia, Brad R. Torgersen
AISFP 291 — Anti-Sad Puppies with Paul Weimer

And in the week leading up to Hugo Awards finalists announcement, there was much online chatter about the outcome and the consequences, represented by two posts we discuss in detail:
Making Light — Distant thunder, and the smell of ozone
Larry Correia’s blog — Sad Puppies Update: Honesty from the Other Side

Terry Pratchett

But, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the most important component of our discussion: We remember luminary Terry Pratchett and what he meant to us as a human being and author. In the discussion, we mention:

Finally, if you didn’t catch Kristi’s Norwescon reading, you can via Periscope (requires the mobile app).

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