AISFP 299 – JA Pitts, Black Blade Blues

This week’s episode features an interview with John A Pitts (JA Pitts), author of BLACK BLADE BLUES, an urban fantasy series featuring master blacksmith and budding dragon slayer Sarah Beauhall.  John and Kristi discuss what’s going on with the series and delve into writing career topics authors often shy away from.

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In our JA Pitts, Black Blade Blues interview

BlackBladeBluesOften when we have authors on the show, we focus on how to get your foot in the publishing front door but we don’t always talk about the things you need to know once you get there — such as how to manage your career and some of the things that can come up part way through writing a series.

To that end, a couple weeks ago Kristi chatted with John A Pitts, author of the BLACK BLADE BLUES urban fantasy series, and mainstay on the Northwest speculative fiction writing scene. Not only do we discuss what he’s got going on the writing forge, but also some of the ins and outs of a writer’s career, ones that often get overlooked.

As a past attendee of John’s conference workshop (Kristi learned more in an hour and a half about writing and the world of publishing than she ever expected) trust her when she says John is someone you want to listen to.

You can find John on his website, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Before the interview, Brent talks about the happenings at upcoming events ConQuest 46 and The Campbell Conference.



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