AISFP 301 – Mary Robinette Kowal (part 1)

In part one of a two-part interview, Brent and Kristi talk with Hugo Award-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal about her efforts to facilitate conversation about fandom with a Hugo supporting membership drive and her interests in the Caribbean, specifically a recent Steampunk Cruise where she often is a guest (interview begins at about 11:30). For part two, which will be episode 302, we will discuss her her final book, OF NOBLE FAMILY, in the Glamourist Histories:

The final book of the acclaimed Glamourist Histories is the magical adventure that might result if Jane Austen walked on the grimmer side of the Regency

Jane and Vincent have finally gotten some much-needed rest after their adventures in Italy when Vincent receives word that his estranged father has passed away on one of his properties in the West Indies. His brother, who manages the estate, is overwhelmed, and no one else in his family can go. Grudgingly, out of filial duty the couple decide to go.

The sea voyage is long and Jane spends enough time unable to perform glamour that towards the end of the trip she discovers that she is with child. They are overjoyed, but when they finally arrive at the estate to complete what they expect to be routine legal tasks, they realize that nearly everything they came expecting to find had been a lie. Also, the entire estate is in disarray, with horrifying conditions and tensions with the local slave population so high that they are close to revolt.

Jane and Vincent’s sense of peril is screaming out for them to flee, but Vincent cannot stand to leave an estate connected with his family in such a condition. They have survived many grand and terrifying adventures in their time, but this one will test their skills and wits more than any they have ever encountered before, this time with a new life hanging in the balance.

Timothy C Ward Scavenger EvolutionThis episode is brought to you by Scavenger: Evolution by Timothy C. Ward. A compilation of Scavenger 1-3 (Red Sands, Blue Dawn and Twin Suns). In the future, sand divers search the depths for the lost city of Danvar and the truth behind their bleak existence. Divemaster Rush hasn’t dove since he lost his infant. A job offer turns from an escape to a trap and the lure of a hardened heart to survive like anyone else would. One dive leads to another. Farther and farther from the surface, death and evolution change his world. He’ll have to change too or watch his wife rise without him. Inspired by Hugh Howey’s world of Sand. Written and sold with his permission. Scavenger: Evolution takes the landscape of Dune and throws in the pacing and thrills of Alien.

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In our Mary Robinette Kowal (part 1) interview

Mary Robinette Kowal - Of Noble Family Before the interview, Brent discusses:

During the interview, Brent and Kristi chat with Mary about:

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  1. Mary comes off as nice and conciliatory, and she offers platitudes galore…but…

    “Us vs them” … Mary should to realize that the “us vs them” started long before either the Sad Puppies, or Rabid Puppies came along. Racefail, Fishboob, Elizabeth Moon, SFWA bulletin…US vs them, she even alludes to it at the end of the podcast, about people fighting back and civil rights…This isnt about civil rights, and to compare the two is silly.

    Being “inclusive”…is funny from someone that told a couple of professional writers that she was glad they werent “in the SFWA” simply because those writers disagreed with her opinion on a subject. Or who told Larry Correia that he was “dangerous and disgusting” simply because he has different opinions on politics.

    And finally as a “colored person”…err sorry, she says it the other way doesnt she? I have been going to cons on and off for 3+ decades and I have never felt like so much of an outsider as the time I went to worldcon and dared to express a political thought outside of what was expected from my skin tone.

    • Hear, hear. Just wanted to second everything you said. Many people on the “inclusive’ left loudly preach tolerance but refuse to practice it.

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