New Titles by Card, McDonald, Lerner and More

Highlighting the studio’s recent book arrivals is Orson Scott Card’s first direct sequel to Ender’s Game, Ender in Exile. Ian McDonald brings us a collection of short stories, including the Hugo Award winning The Djinn’s Wife. Editor Lou Anders has assured Adventures in Scifi Publishing that readers do not need to read McDonald’s River of […]

New Titles by Scholes, Niven, Pournelle, Sanderson, Anders

Two fantasy titles came in this week from Tor: Book 1 of Ken Scholes’ new series, and the final volume of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn saga. I’m excited about Scholes book as it’s a manageable 320 pages! I just might read that next. And Sanderson has been a rising star for a few years who is […]

Lenahan, Anderson, and More

John Lenahan joins the ranks of Sigler, Hutchins, Lafferty, Wallace, and Harwood as podcast novelists to break into print. I listened to John’s Shadowmagic via Podiobooks, and it’s a fun fantasy tale that made my drive home much more enjoyable. The book has been published in a limited edition hardcover, numbered and signed by the […]

New Reads for Fall

Silverberg, Rountree, Martin, Scalzi, Nicholls, and Lloyd – latest additions to the studio library.

2 From Resnick

Mike Resnick stalks the Pyr lineup, and we have the books to prove it.

Multireal, by David Louis Edelman

Featuring gorgeous coverart from Stephan Martiniere, Multireal promises to be an engaging, fast-paced, and thoroughly riveting read.

Steven Brust – Jhegaala

New Book: Jhegaala, by Steven Brust

Books Received: Buckell, Scalzi, and More

It’s time to talk about some of the great titles that have been coming into the studio. Sadly, we can’t produce enough shows to interview the authors of all the books we get, but there are some wonderful titles here, and you guys and gals need to know about them.

New Additions to our Library

We’ve had quite a few books come in to the studio, and I haven’t given an update for awhile. So, here goes.

Big thanks to the kind folks at Orbit for keeping us up-to-date with their catalog.

Books Received

Wow, we’ve had so many great books come into the studio that I need to give them some love. Many of these authors will appear in future episodes of AISFP.