Interview and Giveaway: Rachel Caine’s TERMINATED

Adventures in SciFi Publishing is pleased to share this interview with Rachel Caine and offer a giveaway of her newest book, Terminated: A Revivalist Novel, (in paperback). Details at the bottom for how to enter. First, a brief intro to Rachel: Rachel Caine is the NEW YORK TIMES and #1 internationally bestselling author of more […]

AISFP 223 – Peter Stenson, FIEND

Timothy C. Ward interviews Peter Stenson, author of FIEND, from Crown Publishing, Tim’s favorite read so far this year. He reviewed FIEND at SF Signal and cannot wait for you to discover this debut author. Horror, and even zombies, were not exactly Tim’s preference for a late summer read, but Peter’s story refused to let […]

AISFP 222 – Larry Correia, Part Two, MONSTER HUNTER NEMESIS

Welcome to Part Two of our interview with Larry Correia (who is currently on a book tour). Part One was an introduction to his Grimnoir Chronicles, in which he just released the third and final book, Warbound. He also gave some incredible advice on writing action. In this episode, our guest interviewer, Nick Sharps (of SF […]

AISFP 221 – Larry Correia, Part One, WARBOUND

Timothy C. Ward and Nick Sharps (of SF Signal) interviewed Larry Correia, author of the upcoming Epic Fantasy, Noir, Alternate History novel, Warbound: Book Three of the Grimnoir Chronicles . (Part Two of our interview with Larry is up.) Discussed in this episode: Larry’s inspiration behind Grimnoir Chronicles was completely out of spite to a […]

AISFP 220 – Michael Sullivan, Part Two, Hybrid Author

Don’t miss part one of this episode, #AISFP 219, where Michael J. Sullivan discusses his new book, The Crown Tower, and where we have links to the giveaways and bonuses you’ll get for preordering The Crown Tower and The Rose and the Thorn before August 6th. Discussed in this episode: How he outlined the best book […]

AISFP 219 – Michael J. Sullivan, Part One, THE CROWN TOWER

Timothy C. Ward interviews Michael J. Sullivan about his upcoming release in the Riyria universe, The Crown Tower: The Riyria Chronicles, which is the first prequel book to his infamous Riyria Revelations series from Orbit Books. We wanted to post this interview in time for you to cash in on some giveaways available to preorder […]

Interview with Gardner Dozois: The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection

Gardner Dozois is an American science fiction author and editor. He is the founding editor of The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthologies (1984 – present) and was editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine (1984 – 2004), garnering multiple Hugo and Locus Awards for those works almost every year. He has also won the Nebula Award […]

AISFP 218 – DemiCon “Building a Navy” with David Weber and BuNine

David Weber, author of the Space Opera classic-in-the-making, Honor Harrington Series, says, “To write Military Science Fiction you have to understand how militaries work, or else you’re going to have holes in there that eventually you’ll be to throw a Weber-worth of missiles through.” To help us better understand how militaries work, he brought two […]

AISFP 217 – DemiCon 24 “Militarily Authentic Space Opera” with David Weber

David Weber, most famous for his Space Opera series, Honor Harrington, ran this DemiCon 24 panel solo, beginning with the theme of “The Future of Space Opera,” but fielded questions that made this more aptly entitled, “Militarily Authentic Space Opera.” If you’re new to this series, the first book, On Basilisk Station, is free on […]

AISFP 216 – Chicon 7 “Moral Ambiguity in Science Fiction” with Charles Stross, Jay Lake, Nancy Kress, Lissa Price and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Moral Ambiguity in SF Is there still room for moral structure in SF societies and worldbuilding? How does moral ambiguity represent or fail to capture the real world? What are its pitfalls Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, Lissa Price, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Charles Stross   Other Chicon 7 (World Science Fiction Convention 70) Panels: AISFP 211 […]