AISFP 215 – World War Kaiju on Kickstarter

What if Dr. Strangelove created Godzilla? Timothy C. Ward interviews the creators of the upcoming World War Kaiju graphic novel in hopes that you’ll help support this awesome looking project on Kickstarter. Team Kaiju is Josh Finney (Titanium Rain, Utopiates), artist Patrick McEvoy (Call of Cthulhu, Game of Thrones), and Kat Rocha (01Publishing). They discuss […]

AISFP 214 – Glen Cook, Part 2, WICKED BRONZE AMBITION: A Garrett, P.I., Novel

In celebration of the release of Glen Cook‘s newest novel, Wicked Bronze Ambition: A Garrett, P.I., Novel, here is Part 2 to our interview with Glen from DemiCon 24. (Part 1 discusses his The Black Company series.) While this series does not need to be read in order, the first book in the series is […]

AISFP 213 – Glen Cook, Part 1, THE BLACK COMPANY

Enjoy Part 1 of 2 with Glen Cook from DemiCon 24. (Listen to Part 2). Thanks to our resident reader and fan of Glen Cook, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, for coming on to do the intro for today’s episode. In Part 1’s interview, Glen discusses the beginning of his writing career and the success that he […]

Locus Award Winners 2013

The Locus Awards are poll-based awards for books published in the previous year, and are voted on by readers across the world. Congratulations to this year’s finalists and winners, it is truly a who’s who of genre fiction. I am thrilled for the winners and sad for those who did not win, but with the […]

AISFP 212 – DemiCon 24 Panel “Money Systems in Science Fiction”

In our first panel from DemiCon 24, Jupiter Garden Press founder, Mary Wilson leads a discussion on many interesting facets of creating a solid currency system in your story world, namely within science fiction. What types of currency is valuable in space? What have our favorite science fiction books and T.V. series used for their […]

AISFP 211 – Chicon 7 “Creating Vivid Characters” with Carol Berg, Teresa Frohock, Randy Henderson, Kay Kenyon, and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Vivid Character Building How do you create vivid characters who pop off the page? How do you avoid archetypes/stereotypes and predictability? Join a panel of writers discussing their techniques and tricks and ask questions of your own. Carol Berg, Teresa Frohock, Randy Henderson, Kay Kenyon, Bryan Thomas Schmidt AISFP will host random BOOK GIVEAWAYS based […]

Commentary on AISFP 210: A Reader’s Taste and Novel-Worthy Story Seeds

Brent Bowen’s interview with Jo Walton, (AISFP 210), covered some interesting topics of discussion. First, though, a quick message about what I’d like to do with our AISFP community and website. One thing I’d like to do with AISFP is get more content on the website to supplement the podcast interviews. This allows the listeners […]


Enjoy Brent Bowen‘s interview with Hugo and Nebula Award winning author of Among Others, Jo Walton. What if fairies were real and they were in the industrial ruins? Brent’s interview with Jo Walton explores this “what if” in her book, Among Others. She built a magic system where things came alive because you used them. […]

AISFP 209 – Zachary Jernigan and Nick Sharps, Part 2, NO RETURN

Timothy C. Ward’s debut show as executive producer brings back reviewer, Nick Sharps, and author, Zachary Jernigan, to discuss Zach’s debut novel, NO RETURN, and how the MFA program at Stonecoast helped him write it. As we transition into Tim’s taking over the show, we are once again looking for sponsors. Send an email to […]