Cover Reveal – TALES FROM PENNSYLVANIA with Timothy C. Ward

Hey everybody! Good news, my first story in a print book is coming out Friday, November 21. You may remember Michael Bunker from AISFP 249 talking about his novel, Pennsylvania, the trailblazing novel in an exciting new genre of Amish SciFi. While you can read this anthology or his novel first, there is still a […]

Cover Reveal: ATTACK THE GEEK by Michael R. Underwood

All kinds of good news for Ree Reyes and Michael R. Underwood fans. First up, this upcoming side-quest for Ree, ATTACK THE GEEK, which releases April 7th, but is available on Netgalley for reviewers keen to get a review up by release day. Michael also just announced that his third book with Pocket Books will […]

Cover Reveal and Interview: NAMELESS by Mercedes Yardley

I’m pleased to have in this interview most of the crew behind Ragnarok Publications flagship novel, Nameless, by Mercedes Yardley. At first, it started as a cover reveal, but grew to a full blown interview. Enjoy. Check out this cover, and notice the blurb on the back, my first, and I couldn’t be happier that […]