Review: Whispers from the Abyss ed. Kat Rocha

Whispers from the Abyss (01 Publishing) describes itself as “An anthology of H.P. Lovecraft inspired short fiction.” But the authors within its pages are no slavish Elvis tribute acts. Instead, they are his mutant bastard offspring, whose mission is to misbehave dreadfully and have a wonderful time doing so. These Children of the Night run amok, gleefully […]

Game Review: Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians arrives ripe with expectation. How could it not, when there’s been a massive marketing campaign to promote it that includes a bevy of beautifully crafted elements. Elements that supposedly contribute directly to the now vast lore that makes up the Halo-verse. There’s a clear level of dedication to the lore both in game […]

Book Review: Journey, A Short Story Volume I by Mykl Walsh

Journey, A Short Story Volume I begins in the year 10,001. An expedition team from Earth lands on a planet in a neighboring galaxy. Exploring the planet, they find that human-like life once existed on the planet a long time ago. While most signs of civilization are now gone, they still discover several preserved relics. […]

Book Review: Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

The galaxy is reeling and planet Earth is no different – the status quo for the Star Wars universe has changed and for the better. When we last visited Star Wars, or at least when I last visited that galaxy far, far away things were… a little bloated. It was as bloated as Jabba on […]

Book Review: Ichthyic in the Afterglow by Jason Wayne Allen

Ichthyic in the Afterglow is the kind of book that the subgenre “bizarro” was invented for. It uses the mythologies of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers, but it isn’t really horror. It takes place in a dystopian future, but it isn’t really science fiction. Its story is driven by factions of warring cults, but it’s […]

Audiobook Review – DRUNKEN FIREWORKS by Stephen King (Narr. Tim Sample)

Stephen King has a new short story out only available in audiobook from Simon and Schuster, narrated by Tim Sample, and it’s called Drunken Fireworks. After having experienced the audiobook of his novel 11/22/63, and finding it one of the best I’ve heard, I was excited to see what King had in mind with this […]

Book Review: If Then by Matthew De Abaitua

What if there was an equation to help us understand and ultimately eliminate war? That is one of the central themes of Matthew De Abaitua’s latest novel, If Then (Angry Robot Books). The title itself suggests the principles of certain formulae, such as computer coding (“if this…” “then that…”), although if, like me, you find […]

Book Review: Sexbot by Patrick Quinlan

I know what you’re thinking. But despite the title and the cover, this isn’t Kindle porn. For one thing, I have a paperback copy of it. For another, Patrick Quinlan is an established author of thriller novels. That background shines through in Sexbot. Susan Jones and her partner Martin Wacker were robotics engineers who made […]

Audiobook Review: The Undying: Shades by Ethan Reid (Narr. Candace Thaxton)

The Undying: Shades is a strong improvement from book one in an already good option for fans of post-apocalyptic horror. The character-focus engaged more, and strengths in the first book showed maturity and fine tuning. The series still lacks a little in so far as it isn’t among the best post-apocalyptic horror I’ve read, but […]

Book Review: Birdsnatch by C.J. Cummings and Mark Ryan

Birdsnatch (also available at is apparently the first in a planned series called “A Tale Told Twice.” The idea behind the series is that two authors take the same title and build separate stories around only the title. This is the first result of that experiment. In C.J. Cummings’s novella, an irreversible computer error is causing […]