AISFP 48 – Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow joins us to discuss his new book, Little Brother. We also delve into Homeland Security’s pitfalls, and how people can use technology to change the world. Then we introduce the Out of the Slush segment, featuring Greg Van Eekhout.

AISFP 47 – Robert Buettner

Robert Buettner, author of Orphan’s Journey, joins us to discuss military life, how hard it is to get published, and the importance of heroes in literature.

AISFP 46 – Timothy Zahn and Lone Star Stories

Timothy Zahn joins us to discuss the Quadrail books, why trains are fascinating, how he names characters, and upcoming projects. Also, Eric Marin, editor of Lone Star Stories, tells us about his online magazine.

AISFP 45 – Chris Armstrong

The talented Chris Armstrong brings us the dark cinematic tones of SF themed music in this special episode. Shaun really digs this music, so we hope you folks like what you hear as well.

AISFP Season 2 Promo

Here’s the new promo for season 2. Short and sweet. I realized the last promo was a year old, so an update was needed.

AISFP 44 – Tracy Hickman

New York Times Bestselling author Tracy Hickman joins us to discuss his relationship with Wizards of the Coast and what is happening (or not happening) with Dragonlance.

AISFP 43 – Jeff Vandermeer

Jeff Vandermeer joins us to discuss his new novella, The Situation. Also, Tobias Buckell returns with Ask a Writer, and we present our first Magazine Spotlight with publisher Neil Clarke.

AISFP 42 – John Zakour and Brandon Sanderson

In this week’s show John Zakour shares his wit and humor, and Brandon Sanderson explains the details behind the final Wheel of Time novel.

AISFP 41 – Terry Goodkind

Terry Goodkind joins us to discuss his new novel, Confessor, the status of Wizards First Rule coming to your television, and his views about how scifi is committing suicide.

AISFP 40 – Kevin J. Anderson and Sean Williams

Season 2 of Adventures in Scifi Publishing starts right now! We have a great line up for January and February, and episode 40 kicks it off with guests Kevin J. Anderson and Sean Williams. This is a double feature episode, so it’s twice as long as the usual show.