AISFP 31 – Jon Armstrong

In this show we present an interview with Jon Armstrong, author of Grey. We also have a book review from Sam and another installment of Ask a Writer

AISFP 30 – Jacqueline Carey

Here is episode 30, featuring New York Times bestselling author, Jacqueline Carey.

AISFP 29 – Last Comic-Con Special: Stargate Atlantis Interviews

The wait is over. In this episode we present our interviews with Stargate Atlantis stars Joseph Mallozzi, Jewel Staite, David Hewlett, and Joe Flanigan.

AISFP 28 – Comic-Con Special Report – R.A. Salvatore, Brett Close, Jeremy Lassen

We are back with our first Comic-Con report. Today we present interviews with R.A. Salvatore and Brett Close of 38Studios, a new gaming company founded by Curt Shilling. Then Jeremy Lassen of Night Shade Books joins us to talk about publishing.

AISFP 27 – Sarah Beth Durst

In Episode 27 we talk with Sarah Beth Durst, author of Into the Wild. She discusses fairy tales, her journey to become a writer, and why she prefers fantasy to realistic fiction.

AISFP 26 – Tate Hallaway and Lou Anders

Episode 26 features Tate Hallaway, also known as Lyda Morehouse, author of Dead Sexy. She talks about her work, the use of pseudonyms, and how to form critique groups. Then Lou Anders joins us to discuss the plight of science fiction sales. Are sales really dropping, or is the genre a victim of its own success?

AISFP 25 – Walter H. Hunt

In this shiny episode of Adventures in Scifi Publishing Walter H. Hunt talks about war, space opera and the process of publishing. Then we present our first segment of Ask a Writer, featuring Tobias S. Buckell.

AISFP 24 – Tobias Buckell and Lou Anders

Tobias Buckell drops by to discuss his new book, Ragamuffin, a sort-of sequel to Crystal Rain. And then Lou Anders talks with us about what new writers can do to create success.

AISFP 23 – Scott Sigler

Our baby was born and is doing quite well. I won’t bore all of you with details, but thanks to those who have sent me encouraging emails and notes of congratulations. The show is going to take a brief recess while I adjust, and I hope to be back within three weeks. I have 4 interviews lined up, I’ll be going to Comic-Con and a local San Diego Con, and I’ve been invited to cover a very special event.

Special Edition – Mysterious Galaxy Birthday Bash

An extra long special show this week featuring author events from Mysterious Galaxy’s 14th birthday party. Authors featured in this episode include Jan Burke, Randy Hicks, Jeff Mariotte, Susan Hubbard, Charlaine Harris, A. Lee Martinez and Marshall Karp.