Special Edition – If You’re Just Joining Us

Jon Armstrong interviewed me for his new podcast, If You’re Just Joining Us, and he gave me permission to post the episode in our feed for the AISFP audience.

Season 2 Sneek Peak

Season 2 will be here before you know it. Here’s a promo to get you jazzed.

AISFP 39 – Howard V. Hendrix and Recent Books

Hard SF author Howard V. Hendrix joins us in our season one finale to discuss his infamous webscabs blogpost. He also talks about why hard SF is suffering in readership compared to fantasy.

AISFP 38 – David Farland and Brandon Sanderson

David Farland and Brandon Sanderson join us to discuss their new books, the problem of losing readers during college, and fantasy films in Hollywood. We also announce the winners of The Metatemporal Detective giveaway contest.

AISFP 37 – Tim Pratt

Episode 37 features an interview with Hugo Award winning author Tim Pratt. His new novel, Blood Engines, has just been released under T.A. Pratt.

AISFP 36 – Larry Niven

In Episode 36, we present Shaun’s live interview from Conjecture with Guest of Honor Larry Niven.

AISFP 35 – Michael Moorcock

Michael Moorcock joins us in this special, interview only episode to discuss his new book, The Metatemporal Detective.

AISFP 34 – Kat Richardson

Episode 34 features Kat Richardson, author of Poltergeist and Greywalker. Tobias Buckell joins us to discuss genre boundaries, and we clear up the Hugo nomination process and why Asimov’s does so well.

AISFP 33 – Nanocast – Writers and Illustrators of the Future Winners and Judges

At last, we present our interviews with winners and judges of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers and Illustrators of the Future.

AISFP 32 – NanoCast – Writers of the Future: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

Our first of two Writers of the Future episodes is now available. In this episode Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta talk about how to succeed as a professional author.