AISFP 22 – Vicki Pettersson and Lou Anders

In this show we have Vicki Petteron, author of The Scent of Shadows and The Taste of Night. And then Lou Anders, Editorial Director of Pyr Books, kicks off a new segment.

AISFP 21 – J.C. Hutchins, and his first live reading! Sort of. . .

J.C. Hutchins of 7th Son fame drops by to discuss the conclusion of his opus. He also gives his first live reading, sort of. This is still a podcast, after all, but it’s great to listen to him revisit a scene from book one!

AISFP 20 – Kay Kenyon

In this episode Kay Kenyon discusses her new novel, Bright of the Sky. She also addresses the problems with science fiction and wonders if science fiction authors are responsible for SF’s decrease in sales over the years.

AISFP 19 – Tee Morris and the New Girl

Tee Morris, a tremendously talented author and podcaster (a podcasting legend even!), drops by in episode 19 to talk about his newest podcast novel, Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword. But he doesn’t stop there. . . .

AISFP 18 – Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison takes a bite out of Adventures in Scifi Publishing. Sorry, Kim. I couldn’t resist.

AISFP 17 – Robert J. Sawyer, Part 2

Here it is, the second part of my wonderful interview with science fiction master Robert J. Sawyer.

AISFP 16 – Robert J. Sawyer, Part 1

Episode 16 features the first part of an interview with Hugo Award winning author, Robert J. Sawyer!

AISFP 15 – Tad Williams and Paul Levinson

Episode 15 is another big one! Tad Williams reads from Shadowplay, and Paul Levinson talks about science fiction within the world of Academia.

AISFP 14 – Carrie Vaughn

In this episode Carrie Vaughn talks about her novels, her short stories, and the possibilities of the dark fantasy market dropping out. The publishers are really flooding the bookstores with these things, and will oversaturation drive away customers, much like what happened to the horror genre in the 80s?

AISFP 13 – Kim Stanley Robinson and Maryelizabeth Hart in an extra-special, super long episode!

This show is a big one folks! First, SF author Kim Stanley Robinson reads from and discusses his new book. Then, Maryelizabeth Hart, co-owner of Mysterious Galaxy, chats with us and drops some knowledge.