Kristi’s Read, Play List

Hi Folks! Man, oh man was I sick after Norwescon. ‘Con crud’ I believe is the popular term…Any who, I’m back and ready to post what I’ve been playing and reading the last two weeks. Reading As some of you know I’ve been reading UNSEEMLY SCIENCE by Rod Duncan and managed to finish that this past week. This […]

Kristi’s Read, Play List and Norwescon 38

Hi Folks! As some of you know, I was at Norwescon 38 this weekend as a panelist. It was awesome. This was my first time out at a conference as a debut author and GRR Martin was GoH. I repeat — it was awesome. Thanks so much to Norwescon for inviting me, and Philip K. […]

Book Review: The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple)

I’ve reviewed a couple books here that are billed under the subgenre of Bizarro, such as Dodgeball High and Technicolor Terrorists. Bizarro, however, is a relatively new subgenre of speculative fiction and many are still unfamiliar with it. To introduce people to the genre, Eraserhead Press has released three collections of various authors. The original […]

Upcoming Reviews: Kristi’s Read, Play list

One of the fantastic things about being part of Adventures in Scifi Publishing is access to books, often well before they are slated for publication. One of the things I’ve been reticent in doing is talking about what I’m reading and what’s coming out. So, from now on, every Friday I’ll be posting what I’m […]

Book Review: Blackwater Lights by Michael M. Hughes

A mysterious phone call from an old friend prompts Ray Simon to return to the town of Blackwater, where he had spent part of his childhood. The visit isn’t something he is too keen on, however, since something happened to him back then, something of which he has no memory. But Kevin’s evident distress overrides […]

Book Review: The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq

The French author Michel Houellebecq has had an interesting year so far. On the same day of the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices, his caricature was featured on the front cover of that magazine. This was also the day his new novel Submission was published, which takes place in the year 2022 where the […]

Review: Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L. Powell

Imagine if you will a World War II fighter pilot…who also happens to be a monkey. The eponymous Ack-Ack Macaque isn’t all he seems, however, as Powell’s seriously entertaining alternate history novel proves. Based on Powell’s Interzone reader’s poll-winning story in 2007 (included in the book), which is more metaphorical and focuses on a failing relationship, […]

Book Review: HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES by Daniel Jose Older

In HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES, author Daniel José Older puts just the right amount of twist on familiar tropes, and brings a fresh voice to an exciting urban fantasy world. Older’s concept is simple enough: Our hero, Carlos Delacruz, is in between life and death, the only one of his kind–so he thinks. Within the first five pages, Carlos learns […]

Book Review: Bathing the Lion by Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll’s latest novel, Bathing the Lion, opens with a relationship breakup. The breakup is described so vividly that the pain and tension is tangible and convincingly real. But this, along with the ultra-realistic scenes that follow, do not prepare the reader for what comes next. Picture a domestic-scale apocalypse with your world splitting beneath […]

Book Review: Dodgeball High by Bradley Sands

Despite the plot of Bradley Sand’s Dodgeball High being pretty straightforward, I still find myself having a difficult time describing it. The best I can come up with is that it’s like a high school sports movie parody as conceived by the writers at Adult Swim. Justin Lucas has just transferred to Lungville High. He […]