AISFP 273 – Lou Anders and a Book Giveaway

Lou Anders joins us to discuss his new middle grade fantasy novel, THRONES AND BONES: FROSTBORN. More than a book, we discuss the many games being released along with the novel, including the Thrones and Bones board game, a developing RPG, and online games at the novels official website.

AISFP 272 – Fake Reviews

With Shaun, Moses, and Brent back behind the microphones, we felt it appropriate to get together for a little topic discussion, as we used to do quite often.

Lou Anders’s first book is a humorous viking-inspired fantasy adventure that will appeal to fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, and Lloyd Alexander. This novel is receiving rave reviews.

Still not convinced? Read Tim Ward’s review of THRONES AND BONES, and then pick up a copy for yourself. And when you do, tell Lou Anders that AISFP sent you!

AISFP Podcast 271 – Special Announcement

Hey folks… well I’m not going to ruin the surprise in the shownotes, so you’ll have to have a listen.


Timothy C. Ward interviewed M.R. Carey about his breakout novel, The Girl with all the Gifts. In Tim’s review a few weeks ago, he called it one of the best reads of the year.

AISFP Podcast 269 – Nick Cole, SODA POP SOLDIER

Soda Pop Soldier is the new novel from Nick Cole, author of the bestselling Wasteland Saga. Call of Duty meets Diablo, Soda Pop Soldier is the must-read thriller for gamers and anyone interested in how that profession could affect a bleak, future world. Guest host, Michael Bunker, author of #1 Science Fiction Novel on Amazon, […]

AISFP Podcast 268 – Greg van Eekhout, CALIFORNIA BONES

Shaun Farrell (some of you know who he is) returns from the great beyond to interview Greg van Eekhout, author of CALIFORNIA BONES, for this fourth appearance on Adventures in Scifi Publishing. It’s a little known fact that Greg has technically appeared in well over 150 episodes of the show as his voice has been […]

AISFP Podcast 267 – Kim Vandervort, Hadley Rille Book’s True Heroines of Fantasy

Brent Bowen chats with Hadley Rille Books author and editor Kim Vandevort about true heroines in fiction and how the publishing house battles the “Trinity complex” and works to bring strong female characters to the page. In support of delivering strong female characters, Hadley Rille Books launched a crowd-funding campaign to bolster their distribution and […]

AISFP Podcast 266 – Max Gladstone, FULL FATHOM FIVE

Timothy C. Ward, author of the novelette, “Scavenger,” joins Assistant Editor, Carl Engle-Laird, to interview Max Gladstone about his newest novel, Full Fathom Five: Craft Sequence #3. On Sale, Tuesday, July 15, Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone “Gladstone continues to trump his already considerable accomplishments in this tightly paced fantasy legal thriller.” —Publishers […]

AISFP Podcast 265 – Michael R. Underwood, SHIELD AND CROCUS

Timothy C. Ward, author of the authorized Sand fanfic, “Scavenger,” interviewed Michael R. Underwood about his Superhero Epic Fantasy novel from 47North, Shield and Crocus. Michael shares about how Shield and Crocus is different than his Geekomancy Urban Fantasy novels, how he’s grown as a writer, and the latest news on Lee Harris’s new job at […]

AISFP Podcast 264 – Scott Nicholson, AFTER & THE RED CHURCH

Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, interviewed thriller/scifi author Scott Nicholson about his great success as one of the early pioneers of independent e-publishing, as well as his latest scifi thriller, After, and his best-selling supernatural thriller, The Red Church. After: The Shock – The first book in the AFTER post-apocalyptic thriller series from […]